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Admission Procedure

MBS applies a policy of equal opportunity in its recruitment of students and we do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, belief or disability. Applicants submit a completed application form together with the original qualifications relied upon to support their application. The qualifications are assessed by our Academic and Marketing Teams and reference is made –where necessary – to the UK NARIC website. The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UKNARIC), is the National Agency providing the only official source of comparison information and advice on international education and training systems and overseas skills and qualifications. Once the qualifications have been assessed and checked against the academic eligibility criteria and English language requirement of the course selected the application is either refused or a Conditional Offer is made to the applicant giving provisional admission for a specific course and in take date. We keep a full record of all unsuccessful applications.

When accepting a Conditional Offer from the college a prospective student is required to sign a Declaration confirming that the acceptance is subject to our Terms and Conditions and pay the first year’s Tuition Fee as described in the ‘Payment of Tuition Fees’ section.

MBS will then arrange for the issue of an Unconditional Offer Letter and the Acceptance Letter in the required form. The student then submits a completed Visa Application Form and the original qualifications relied upon and evidence of the required English language competence together with proof of sufficient maintenance funds to the appropriate Embassy/British High Commission.

Any Offer to Study at The Meridian Business School (MBS) is made subject to

• the information set out in our Prospectus and Website from time to time
• the completion of our Application Form
• These Terms and Conditions

A prospective student must
• Meet the academic criteria for the course of study as set out in our Prospectus and / or Website.
• Meet the English Language criteria for the course of study as set out in our Prospectus and / or Website.
• Be able to speak English without the aid of an interpreter at any interview that s/he is required to attend before the issue of a student visa or at any interview conducted by immigration officials at the port of entry into the United Kingdom.

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