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Level: QCF Level7
Duration: 6-9 months
Mode of Delivery: Blended
Entry Requirements:

The Postgraduate Diploma in AI&DS is an intensive program designed to equip students with
the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of data science and artificial
intelligence. This program is ideal for individuals seeking to pursue careers in data analysis,
machine learning, AI development, and business intelligence. Students will gain a deep
understanding of data science techniques, explore the latest AI technologies, and learn how
to extract valuable insights from complex datasets.

Module 1: Introduction to Data Science
– Fundamentals of data science and its applications
– Data exploration and visualization techniques
– Data preprocessing and cleaning
– Exploratory data analysis
– Introduction to statistical concepts in data science

Module 2: Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
– Supervised learning algorithms (regression, classification)
– Unsupervised learning algorithms (clustering, dimensionality reduction)
– Model evaluation and selection
– Feature selection and engineering
– Handling imbalanced datasets

Module 3: Deep Learning and Neural Networks
– Basics of neural networks and deep learning
– Feedforward neural networks
– Convolutional neural networks (CNN)
– Recurrent neural networks (RNN)
– Transfer learning and fine-tuning

Module 4: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
– Fundamentals of NLP and text preprocessing
– Text classification and sentiment analysis
– Named entity recognition and part-of-speech tagging
– Topic modeling and document clustering
– Language generation and machine translation

Module 5: Big Data Analytics and Distributed Computing
– Introduction to big data and its challenges

– Distributed computing frameworks (Hadoop, Spark)
– MapReduce and parallel processing
– Handling and processing large-scale datasets
– Real-time streaming analytics

Module 6: Data Visualization and Communication
– Principles of effective data visualization
– Data visualization techniques and tools
– Interactive and dynamic visualizations
– Storytelling with data
– Effective communication of data insights

Module 7: Ethical and Responsible Data Science
– Privacy and ethical considerations in data science
– Bias and fairness in machine learning
– Responsible AI development
– Data governance and security
– Regulatory and legal aspects of data science

Module 8: Capstone Project
– Integrative project applying data science and AI techniques
– Real-world dataset analysis and modeling
– Presentation of project findings and recommendations

The Postgraduate Diploma in AI&DS covers a comprehensive range of topics related to data
analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and AI. Students will learn the fundamentals of
data science, delve into advanced machine learning algorithms, explore deep learning
techniques, and understand the application of AI in natural language processing. The
program also addresses big data analytics, data visualization, and ethical considerations in
data science.

Throughout the program, students will engage in practical exercises, case studies, and real-
world projects to apply their knowledge and develop hands-on skills. The final module
focuses on a capstone project, allowing students to work with real-world datasets, apply
data science and AI techniques, and present their findings.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be well-prepared to pursue careers as data
scientists, machine learning engineers, AI developers, or business intelligence analysts. They
will possess the expertise to analyze and extract insights from complex datasets, build
predictive models, and leverage AI technologies to drive innovation and decision-making in
various industries.