About Us


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • To provide a “Gateway to Affordable Education”.

Our Mission

  • To provide affordable further and higher education opportunities for domestic, European Union and international students in the United Kingdom.
  • To work with our awarding body partners to provide globally recognised educational qualifications which encourage our students to achieve their full potential.
  • To be a dominant player in the UK private education sector.


The Meridian Business School is a private company registered in England and Wales in 2004 under Company Registration No. 04968600.

The Meridian Business School offers a gateway to affordable education to students from around the world through its programme of courses delivered through our associations Pearson Edexcel and Qualifi. Our Pearson Edexcel and EBMA Diploma programmes are valuable qualifications in their own right and may be used to apply for entry with advanced standing to a range of University degree programmes, subject to meeting their specific entry requirements.

Core Values

Our ‘core values’ express what, as an organisation, we stand for and how we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of our objectives.  Our core values have been developed in consultation with our staff and students.  The following statements embody these values:

  • As an educational organisation, we place our students and their interests at the heart of everything we do;
  • We encourage our students to develop as independent and critical thinkers, with a responsible approach towards themselves and society;
  • We foster an environment characterised by trust, open and honest communication and respect for the individual;

We approach all our dealings with our students, staff, other stakeholders and external agencies and organisations with integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards