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  • Name : MuhammadAzeemSarwar
    Course they Studied : BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
    Nationality : Pakistani

    The independence you are given and responsibility to do things for yourself is the best thing about Meridian Business School. You are left to get on with things and have to use your initiative a lot. I feel this has helped me as a person to achieve what I want

  • Name : AnjofendiFeyiniAkem Pamela
    Course they Studied : EBMA Level 7 PGDiploma Health and Social Care
    Nationality : Cameroonian

    I have just obtained my post graduate diploma in health and social care management from Meridian business school and i will like to thank the lecturers and school administration for their guidance and support throughout the time i was studying at Meridian. My experience at Meridian was memorable, exciting and fulfilling. The lecturers were supportive and encouraging. My background is Nursing and this qualification will boost my career in the health care management sector and i am glad to say that i have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge needed to fulfil my career aspirations all thanks to Meridian business school.

  • Name : BeenaKoirala
    Course they Studied : MA Management
    Nationality : Nepalese

    I enjoyed studying at MBS for 2 years. I started teachers training diploma course and successfully completed MA - Management. I received high standards of services, invaluable support from academic and non-academic staff members from day one. Solving problems in the classroom and working on presentations in groups has provided me a stepping stone for my future career as a tutor. I am proud to say that MBS has made a big difference in my life and I would definitely recommend MBS to my friends...

  • Name : Vijayender Acharya
    Course they Studied : PGD Management
    Nationality : Indian

    I can't praise Meridian Business School enough for the development of my studies. My tutors were well experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. My time at the college was a great help to my professional and personal development. The feedback on my assignments were prompt and effective. I want to say a big "thank you" to my tutors....

  • Name : Umesh Roy
    Course they Studied : BTEC Level 5 HND in Hospitality
    Nationality : Nepalese

    Having finished my course in Hospitality Management, am now ready to pursue a career in Hospitality. MBS helped me in achieving my goals. My tutors were really hands-on and went out of their way to help us outside classroom hours. I am also thankful for the assignment writing skills I learnt from them

  • Name : Bipin Bajracharya
    Course they Studied : MBA
    Nationality : Nepalese

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to my academic institution - MBS for providing me with the quality education that I was in need in order to pursue my study in Masters of Business Administration.

    I did not only earn an academic education but I did also learn values and worthiness of my career as well as my life as a whole.

  • Name : Lateef Kadiri
    Course they Studied : BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
    Nationality : Nigerian

    I am a proud product of MBS and happy to have been tutored under the likes of Mr Hakeem, Anthony and Tom-Joe. Knowledge gained as a strategic manager has continued to aid my leadership and managerial skills through my daily application in my spheres of life.

    I will continue to recommend Meridian Business School, due to its quality lecturers, learning facilities and listening staffs, who work hand-in-hand for excellent academic pursuit of their students.

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